Motivate Employees with Positive Language


You can motivate and inspire your employees simply by choosing to use positive language. Ensure that your word usage is motivating employees and making them enthusiastic about the work. So instead of saying:“I can,” say “I sure can.“I can’t,” say “I wish I could.”“Yes,” say “Absolutely.”“You are correct,” say “That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear.”“I don’t know; I’ll have … [Read more...]

Does Your Signage Send the Right Message?

This is a guest post by Catherine Welborn, business writer and editor.I’m a big fan of Dan Pink’s blog, and I particularly look forward to posts in his ongoing series, emotionally intelligent signage. The examples he posts are always thought-provoking, and the series has made me pay a lot more attention to the signage used in stores, restaurants and offices I frequent.Here’s … [Read more...]

Is Your Staff Dressed for Success?


This is a guest post by Catherine Welborn, business editor and writer. Is business casual going too far in your department? How employees dress can reflect negatively on your organization, department and even you, as the manager. You can ensure that employees are making a positive impression by setting a few ground rules. But how can you enforce those rules without … [Read more...]

Ira Glass on Being a Beginner

This quote from Ira Glass, the host and producer of NPR’s This American Life, has been embraced by many in the creative fields. I’ve seen it pop up on a number of design and photography blogs I read for fun, but I think it’s just as relevant to those of us in the business world if you replace “good taste” with “vision.” Your “creative work” probably has more to do with creative … [Read more...]

Secrets to Hanging on to Top Talent


Are you having trouble retaining key team members? Use these tactics to put the brakes on turnover:Understand what team members want. Not everyone longs for large salaries and outrageous benefits. Smaller organizations offer significant advantages, such as proximity to the owner and to the action, the ability to make an impact, personal recognition, and personal … [Read more...]

Our Gift to You: Words for Advice for 2014


Happy Holidays from the Bud to Boss blog!As 2013 draws to an end and we all prepare to welcome the New Year, we’d like to offer you these words of advice. May they serve you well in 2014.Quit sweating the small stuff. Nitpicking over the smallest details or micromanaging every aspect on every project will only lead to stress and—eventually—burnout. Keep things in perspective. … [Read more...]