Bounce Ideas off Other Managers at Leadership Training Seminars


Before you landed your supervisory position, you could seek advice from, vent to and share ideas with just about anyone. As long as you trusted the person and valued his or her insight, any colleague had sounding-board potential.Now your situation is more complicated. On the one hand, you have a lot more on your plate, meaning a lot more you want and need to talk about. On the … [Read more...]

Enough Time Management


This is a guest post by Kevin Eikenberry.Read this interesting and practical post by Jo Owen called Seven Leadership Traits that the Gurus Don’t Tell You. While written from a C-level perspective it contains some useful thoughts for all leaders and I encourage you to read it. It became the jumping off point for about two pages of notes and ideas in my journal, most only … [Read more...]

Play to Win With a Great Team


Since 1931, the Yankees have played in the World Series 39 times and have won the championship 26 times. How has this team become such an unbeatable colossus? A large part of its success is due to recruitment practices like these:Establishing high standards. The Yankees have developed a list of organizational competencies—the measurable skills, values and behaviors that … [Read more...]

The Challenges of Being a Young Boss

Check out this Jodi Glickman article from the Harvard Business Review blog archives about managing and leading older employees. It can be a difficult task, and we wanted to pass it along, since I know many of you are in that position and it can be difficult. If the following quote resonates with you, I suggest you read the whole article: "Being a leader is tough enough … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Retain Women: The Business Case for Gender Diversity


This is a guest post by Caroline Turner, author of Difference Works: Improving Retention, Productivity and Profitability through Inclusion. Most people don’t change, or willingly go along with change, just because the change is “the right thing to do.” They do it if there is an important reason to change. Businesses don’t change their corporate cultures so that they retain … [Read more...]

Don’t Kill Your Career With a Bad Joke


This is a guest post by Catherine Welborn, writer and editor.Here is a bit of advice for those of you supervising younger employees. Throughout college I worked at a popular clothing retailer. The chain catered to the high school/college demographic, and all of us employees were in that same age range. Management had a great deal of turnover, so when I remember this job, I … [Read more...]

Workplace Workouts


This is guest post from Catherine Ahern, writer and editor.If you want to manage stress, sleep. Although I admire the enthusiasm and energy of people who live by the adage “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” I could never join their ranks. On days following restless nights, I struggle to focus, to keep organized and even to hold conversations. All of those things, of course, lead to … [Read more...]