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How to Avoid YouTube-Worthy Moments at the Company Picnic

office picnicCompany picnics and parties, which include everything from huge parties funded by your organization to a small backyard barbeque that you host for your team, are apparently full of opportunities for employees to embarrass themselves and their employers. Fortunately, whether you’re throwing the party or attending it, there are precautions you can take to ensure that your team isn’t the subject of watercooler gossip—or, worse, a viral YouTube video—the day after the festivities. Follow these tips to prepare for a drama-free office party:

  • Set expectations. Don’t condescendingly lecture your adult employees about what’s appropriate and what’s not at an office party, but do remind them that it’s still a work event. Remember that what’s common sense to you might not be obvious to all employees, especially new hires. At the conclusion of a team meeting, say something like “As you know, the office picnic is coming up next weekend. If this is your first one, you’re in for a treat. They’re a lot of fun. Dress comfortably, like you might on a casual Friday, and practice your horseshoe toss. This department has a record to keep! If you have any questions about what to expect, let me know.” In a subtle way, that will tell everyone that beachwear, for example, is inappropriate.
  • Plan the right games. You don’t have to have games, of course, but if you want to include some, choose wisely. You might think a pickup game of volleyball or flag football would be fun, but if even one person is overly competitive or aggressive, others are likely to become frustrated or injured. Alternatives: Set up relaxed games that everyone can enjoy such as horseshoes and cornhole, or plan a scavenger hunt. The latter would take some prep work but could be a good exercise in teamwork and creativity.
  • Be smart about food and drink. Many office party gaffes are to the result of alcohol consumption. Remember, first of all, that you don’t have to provide alcohol. If you do, follow your organization’s policies regarding alcohol at company events, and don’t make it the main focus. If there’s a fully stocked bar but barely anything to eat, people will be more likely to become drunk. Also offer nonalcoholic drinks, including water. That’s especially important if your gathering is outside on a hot day. And if you see that a colleague is inebriated, please don’t let him or her get behind the wheel of a car. Find a designated driver or call the person a cab.
  • Consider including children. Not only does that send the message to your team that you value their family time, but it can help ensure that everyone practices good self-control. People are less likely to drink too much or act aggressively or otherwise unprofessionally if children are around. But if you do extend the invitation to families, be ready. Have age-appropriate activities and food prepared.
  • Be an example. Just as you set an example in the workplace, do so at any work gathering. If you’re taking full advantage of the open bar “because it’s on the company’s dime,” your team members will feel free to drink a lot too. If you lose your cool during a game of kickball, you’re inviting your team members to take the game too seriously. Being a bad example risks your professional reputation, your team’s and your organization’s—so be smart. And if your spouse or children also will be in attendance, prepare them to model good behavior as well.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen happen at a company event? (Feel free to comment anonymously if you wish.)

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The space shuttle shuffle or Momentary daytime at night on the beachWe've been preparing for this day for months and counting down in this space for weeks... and now, our day is here.

Today, we celebrate! Yesterday, I told you about all the great gifts we're offering to people who buy books today. Today, I hope you'll join me in spreading the word about our launch. And, I hope you'll by your copy (or copies) of the book to take advantage of the great gifts we've gathered.

You might not have seen two posts I added yesterday to make it easy for you to help us. I created a new list of tweets for today and I compiled a list of some easy ways you can help us on Facebook. I hope you'll use my ideas, add your own, and help us #buildthebuzz.

Help us spread the word about this fantastic new book from Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris. Your friends will thank you, because this book will help them wherever they are in their journey as leaders. The most important link you can share with people about our launch is

Thanks in advance for all you will do to make today a REMARKABLE celebration. #buildthebuzz

Join the Celebration!

You Are Number 1!The excitement is really building here for the launch of Kevin and Guy's new book, From Bud to Boss.

With only one day left, we hope you're ready to celebrate with us.

The best celebrations include gifts, right? We've got plenty of gifts prepared for people who buy our book on launch day. Because you're interested in leadership, we've asked other leadership experts  to partner with us. As a result, we have an impressive list of resources from these experts available to you when you buy our book. When you buy multiple copies, you will be able to access even more gifts.These gifts include exclusive e-books, audio content and more. When you buy a book, we'll even enter you into a drawing for a chance to win other gifts, including a Kindle (loaded with From Bud to Boss and Remarkable Leadership.)

Starting tomorrow, when you visit our book website, you will see a splash page that will take you to a our gift site. That site contains information about all the gifts you will receive when you buy the book. The gifts are available for a limited time. Right now, I can tell you that they will be up through Wednesday and possibly all the way until Friday. You'll want to buy your copies of the book as soon as you can if you want to make sure the gifts are still there.

The buzz is building and we're glad that you are joining us for the celebration. We hope you'll invite all your friends, fans, and followers to celebrate with us! When you tweet about the launch, please remember to use the hashtag #buildthebuzz so we can easily RT you and track all the buzz!

Friday Cheers | Buzz Builders, Crunch Time Edition

Thanks to Chris Edmonds for the photo!

Wow! This is our last Friday before the launch of our new book. As you can imagine, we have lots of last minute details to wrap up with our launch. We are finishing web pages, finalizing fantastic bonuses for people who buy our book on launch day. There are even bigger bonuses for people who buy in bulk on launch day, so we hope you will consider a bulk purchase for use in your organization or as gifts for family, friends, or colleagues.

We have been celebrating three buzz builders each week, people who are giving their time and energy to help us promote our book launch. Because it's difficult for me to choose just three (so many of you are helping us in so many ways — Thanks!) and because there are 4 days left until launch, today I will highlight 4 buzz builders.

Let's get started!

  • Tanmay Vora is one of our most enthusiastic supporters! He has planned to dedicate an entire week on his blog to posts related to our book, making sure that his friends and followers know about what we are doing. We appreciate his encouragement, his retweets, and his engagement with us. We know he will be an asset to our community, as well. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to his blog, like his page on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.
  • John E. Smith has jumped into our book launch promotion and posted two great posts about the book. He also participates by keeping his Twitter and Facebook streams full of info about our launch. (Now all we need, John, is a photo of you with your book!) As we are preparing promotional material for the launch, we're quoting John because we love what he has to say about the book. Be sure to check out John's blog and follow him on Twitter.
  • We all met Chris Edmonds as a result of this book launch, and we're glad we did! He's an enthusiastic contributor to our Facebook page and a faithful tweet-partner. If you haven't already found Chris' blog, be sure to check it out. You can also like his blog's page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Chris provided our #4 picture for today's post. Thanks, Chris!
  • Finally, today, we want to highlight Laura Goodrich. Laura will celebrate the launch of her new book, Seeing Red Cars, on Monday. It looks like an amazing book. I personally can't wait to get a copy to learn more about how intentional focus can lead to action and results. It's fun to share a launch week with Laura and we are excited about her book! Be sure to check out her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter, and get involved with all that she is doing with her launch.

Be sure to check with us this weekend -- I will be continuing my countdown to launch and sharing helpful information in this space daily.

Friday Cheers | This Week’s Buzz Builders

number 18 This week, we celebrate three buzz builders, people who have been helping us #buildthebuzz for our book launch, our workshop, and our community.

It's been another busy week for this Remarkable Team. Guy and Kevin have been presenting training for clients in various places. In fact, Guy just returned from California. Both authors have been recording podcasts and radio interviews. We've been connecting with many of you, grateful for the chance to meet new friends and find new ways to collaborate.

Yesterday, we received a shipment of books at the Remarkable House.  Although Kevin and Guy signed the book contract in March 2010, their planning and preparation began long before that. This book represents many months of work and it is exciting to take one step closer to seeing our book in the hands of our readers.

And now, to our Friday Cheers!

  • Andy Uskavitch is a leadership specialist who blogs at SUPERvision Motivation and Linked2Leadership. We first met him when he sent us a DM on @budtoboss. He's been reading an advance PDF copy of the book and tweeting about us regularly. Yesterday, he mentioned our book in a great post: I Believe... I'm a Leader. Be sure to check out his blog, where he is sporting our Buzz Builders badge. Like his page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. We appreciate you, Andy!
  • Angie Chaplin is proof that you don't have to be a blogger to be a buzz builder. Angie has been mentioning us on Facebook and interacting with us on our fan page. She even joined Kevin during his BlogTalk radio interview with Robert Thompson earlier this week, adding her enthusiasm and passion to the show. We know that as the launch approaches, she will be sharing our book with her friends and followers.
  • Dan Rockwell is relentless in his support of us and our book. You know him, right? We appreciate all that Dan is doing and will do to help us. Be sure to connect with Dan on his blog, facebook page, and Twitter account if you want a chance to win a free copy of the book. Dan will be giving away books to several readers of his blog to coincide with the book launch.

Another Friday, and three fabulous #buzzbuilders. Be sure to check back every Friday to see who we're celebrating. Thanks for all you are doing to help us #buildthebuzz.

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