We've been preparing for this day for months and counting down in this space for weeks... and now, our day is here.Today, we celebrate! Yesterday, I told you about all the great gifts we're offering to people who buy books today. Today, I hope you'll join me in spreading the word about our launch. And, I hope you'll by your copy (or copies) of the book to take advantage of the … [Read more...]

Join the Celebration!

The excitement is really building here for the launch of Kevin and Guy's new book, From Bud to Boss.With only one day left, we hope you're ready to celebrate with us.The best celebrations include gifts, right? We've got plenty of gifts prepared for people who buy our book on launch day. Because you're interested in leadership, we've asked other leadership experts  to partner … [Read more...]

Friday Cheers | Buzz Builders, Crunch Time Edition

photo credit to Chris Edmonds

Wow! This is our last Friday before the launch of our new book. As you can imagine, we have lots of last minute details to wrap up with our launch. We are finishing web pages, finalizing fantastic bonuses for people who buy our book on launch day. There are even bigger bonuses for people who buy in bulk on launch day, so we hope you will consider a bulk purchase for use in your … [Read more...]

Friday Cheers | This Week’s Buzz Builders


This week, we celebrate three buzz builders, people who have been helping us #buildthebuzz for our book launch, our workshop, and our community. It's been another busy week for this Remarkable Team. Guy and Kevin have been presenting training for clients in various places. In fact, Guy just returned from California. Both authors have been recording podcasts and radio … [Read more...]

BlogTalk Radio with Robert Thompson Today

Kevin is pleased to join Robert Thompson today on his BlogTalk radio show, "Thought Grenades." You can tune in at 1 PM EST/10 am PST, to hear Kevin and Guy's conversation about all things Bud to Boss — the book, the workshop, and the community. We appreciate all Robert is doing to help us build the buzz for the book launch. Be sure to follow Robert on Twitter, check out … [Read more...]

Friday Cheers | Celebrating Buzz Builders

25 days remain until the launch of Kevin and Guy's new book. It's been a busy week! Guy traveled to Kansas to present training to one of our clients there. Kevin's been in southern Indiana providing training at Cummins and he talked last night talked with Steve Boese on HR Happy Hour. If you missed it, you can listen to the show in the archives. It was a great conversation. … [Read more...]